Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wavering Radiant 1 Year Anniversary

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the release of Wavering Radiant, we've decided to reveal the lyrics to the entire album. It's hard to believe it's been a year already! Thanks for all the support and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

More news soon... 

01. "hall of the dead"
the great stone walls rise above our heads, cold and sad pale light, a dusty veil
the sun makes its way in destitute, weak you're at my side again faithful guide unfailing, here we stand among the others the living among the
veins still flowing full lungs filled with white light
push forward lifeless bodies swept aside they are on us cast a net of armor over our heads hide our life lest it be lifted from us
we must leave this place of deathly decay
don't look back, press on

02. "ghost key"
it's cold snowing blue light dusk settles
a fire burns with failing light against the growing darkness
bending over the dying flames you were with me then as always
through the fluttering veil of frozen blue a hooded figure cuts its path
to cleave the night in two
pull its outer husk from its body and the rest escapes
and there upon the ground the remnants of our struggle
this is the ghost key

03. "hand of the host"
it is here that vice indulged bleeds the living of their trust
hand of the host extended from his fingers dangles scented flesh
bodies offered spun from infant minds perfect in their empty conception
to be devoured by my lustful heart i am commanded "do as thou wilt"
through the halls i am lead following i am lead
'writhe and gnaw each other's flesh'
he lies uncovered this ancient man of bristle and bone hoary and unwashed his lonely soul
fills the room
our reverie lays broken on the floor cast him out into the throngs into unholy laughter

04. "wavering radiant"

05. "stone to wake a serpent"
we four, bound by blood standing in the crossroads
on the underside of the world waiting our turn
here we see coiled serpent black and baking in the sun
stone is flung serpent wakens arrow of poison pierces our hearts
teeth sink into tender flesh lightning strikes, too fast to see
we seek succor for the stricken pleas met with spiteful laughs
slow advance, not to stir the poison its course fast and merciless
merciless, merciless
in vast halls, buried in hurried hordes no help found here, only dreadful tears

06. "20 minutes/40 years"
tendrils extend from the cloudy black mass
they slither and slide through the ones and zeroes prophecy of collapse unfolds last grain of sand spirals down the hole
chance has graced me with a gift grasp at gold before the dark descends sun beats down and panic reigns in this time of endings
eyes are shut, feet are bare for this journey i'm unprepared
i walk on sight renewed seek new life i seek new life walk on
seeking her, the one i wish to see she wanders the outer lands from the grasp of wolves i will pluck her
twin arteries flow with the pulse of one mighty heart

07. "threshold of transformation"
i've arrived city of lucid dreams
before me a building looms caked in inky grime
the act unknown actor in sleep here i enter, and here i see the circle and bones made in haste
winds to anoint the faithful
amorphous specter turns from old to new rests in faith beside me we wait for the quiet fire to be born and there it is embodied by a boy
his voice small and grey whispers smoke to the chosen
upon our heads he places crowns sewn with hiss and higher tones
the boy presses whispers into her and they bathe in valley's pale rain


  1. Awesome! Any chance of "Way Through Woven Branches" as well?

  2. Hope you guys have a safe Cinco De Mayo, thanks for posting the lyrics!

  3. Haha - it's great to see the official lyrics. We got pretty close collectively on the swarmrelocation board on some of the songs, but they make more sense now :)

  4. i believe there are some missing lyrics on hand of the host, after "bleed the living of their trust" if my ears are not deceiving me.
    anyway see you in philly for the fifth time

  5. I noticed those missing lyrics too Steven! Also, and I wrote this on the Myspace blog, there's an extra word missing in the final line 'they bathe in valley's pale rain'. There's another word after pale.. or Aaron says 'rain' twice. It's one of my favorite ISIS tracks of all time and the imagery and feel of Threshold of Transformation is so beautiful and surreal. It's drivin me nuts!
    G - Crazy props to the people who tried to come up with those other lyrics posted in the past! They were really really beautiful and pretty damn close to the real thing haha.

  6. I think the missing lyrics on Hand of the Host are:

    ...bleeds the living of their trust

    And now the
    Chosen children play
    never to
    lay rest

    hand of the host...

  7. finally!
    I have been SO waiting for these
    thanks guys

  8. Awesome! Thanks guys.
    And a year on, I'm still listening to this album...a lot.

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  10. Keep up the phenomenal work, Isis. Wavering Radiant is phenomenal, and I cannot wait for your next album - just when I thought music couldn't get any better....

  11. Couldn't wait for the official lyrics, thanks a ton

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