Tuesday, May 25, 2010

merch madness and the sound continuum

first of all, we'd like to say thank you to all of you who sent us messages in response to our announcement last week about our mutual decision to disband. there is no possible way for us to convey our gratitude for all the heartfelt words as expressed by many of you on this blog and elsewhere, but we will be glad to see any and all that are able to make it out to the final shows. we will do our whatever is within our power to make those shows the best they can be.

speaking of the final shows, we've rounded up every last scrap of isis related material we could find along with a host of newly produced goods in preparation for this last tour, and will be bringing it all with us on the road. these items include but are not limited to: the brand new isis/melvins split 12" (with 2 of the last ever isis songs), the "live V" 2xLP/CD (of the vinyl we'll have both the regular and tom neely versions of the cover) , a final repress of the "wavering radiant" 2xLP (on white vinyl ltd to 250 for all you record nerds out there), out of print versions of the "oceanic", "celestial", "panopticon", and "in the absence of truth" 2xLPs (including colored vinyl), the final copies of the "oceanic remix" and "shades of the swarm" vinyl box sets, the japanese CD re-issues of 4 of our albums (re-mastered and including bonus tracks), new t-shirt designs by a few different people including tom neely and aaron horkey, lighters, belt buckles, glasses, and a whole bunch of CDs and LPs by our various related projects (see more on that below). we've also put together some special packages to give away at random to those that come out as an extra thanks for the show of support. in the words of the immortal melvins: "bring your pennies". for those of you unable to make it to the shows some of these items such as the "live V" 2xLP, the new shirt designs, and the isis/melvins split 12" will be available post-tour via the isis webstore, vacation vinyl in los angeles, etc. 

on another semi-related topic, many of you inquired about our various other musical projects and plans post-isis, so below is a list of resources related to that topic for those of you that are interested (click on the names of the various entities to visit their respective sites). there are a couple pages with general info on the activities of aaron harris, mike gallagher and aaron turner including, but not limited to their various musical activities. here also is a partial list of bands and projects in which some of us are current (or at least recent) participants: aaron harris - zozobra / clifford meyer - red sparowes, taiga, windmills by the ocean / jeff caxide - spylacopa, crone (site link and news forthcoming) / mike gallagher - mgr / aaron turner - mamiffer, jodis, greymachine, house of low culture, hydra head records, vacation vinyl, twilight. here also are some additional bands in which we have been members of or collaborators in the past: cable, the gersch, loga, old man gloom, lotus eaters, drawing voices, etc. there will also be new projects by various members of the band in the not too distant future which we will attempt to track through this blog as well as our own various outlets. 

thanks once again to you all - we hope to see you soon.


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  2. how many shades of the swarm box sets do you hace left? I'd love to buy one, but I'm from Chile and I think that I'll have to wait until the end of the tour.

    and, will you record professionally audio/video from the shows? that would make for an excellent official bootleg program

  3. cant wait for show in eugene at wow hall,pennies will be brought

  4. I think I went broke just looking at the photo. Wish I could make it to one of the shows. Best of luck friends!

  5. holy moly. i will be bringing a lot of pennies.

  6. oh well...there goes my budget for the month of June

  7. oh gee thanks for not playing chicago dickheads! goddamnit guys!!!!

  8. Guess the kids can pay their own university tuition

  9. i'll put aside as much cash as i can afford to lose. i need Oceanic on vinyl finally.

    can't wait for the Montreal show.

  10. hoping you manage to bring lots of this into canada for your vancouver show.

  11. See you in Eugene, Olympia, Vancouver & Seattle; Hopefully my suitcase will fit all my merch.

  12. See u tonight in Olympia! My friend told me yesterday and the stars aligned. Gonna be a great show!

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  14. Cannot wait for the Montreal show. I am going to bring every penny I can find. Super super excited about all the vinyl. We're flying from Newfoundland for this show, and I'm gonna be so broke afterwards but it's gonna be worth every cent.

  15. I'm wondering if you guys are rationing out the vinyl across the tour, or selling it all off as quickly as possible.

    I'll definitely have a few hundreds in my wallet, in the hopes of snatching up a Shades Of The Swarm box... Who am I kidding, I'm buying everything I can get!!!

  16. I have a ticket for next Monday's show (6/21) in Boston, but can't go now because my band was asked to play a radio show on the same night. I was wondering if anyone has a ticket for the Sunday show that would be willing to trade with me so I can see them in Boston. This is legit, I am not trying to scam anyone, I really want to see Isis.

    P.S. it is a GA ticket

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