Thursday, April 19, 2012


We're slowly but surely getting all of our releases out in a proper digital download format. The SGNL>05 EP is the newest addition. Pre-order it from itunes here -


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  2. You'd better reissue Celestial with SGNL5 as a solid full-length as it was intended to be. Not 2 CDs package, but a one solid CD fullfilled with songs both from Celestial and SGNL5. THAT could attract attention to the reissue. Espesially digital one, because there're NO TIMELIMITS unlike vynil or even CDs.

  3. You'd better and SGNL5 reissue objects as solid long, because it is intended to be. Not 2 CD bag, but a solid CD with songs from the heavenly bodies make money, SGNL5. It can draw attention to reissue. Espesially Numbers, because without TIMELIMITS and vynil even CD.
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